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Scuba Diving

There are many Dive Operators in Ponta do Ouro. There are Dive Charters & Scuba Training facilities in Ponta do Ouro. The dedicated boats offer daily trips for Divers to explore the untouched, world class reefs close offshore, along the Ponta do Ouro coastline. Qualified Instructors, Dive Masters, and Skippers accompany all the trips. Great emphasis is placed on safety, education, conservation awareness, and responsible, non invasive interaction with the marine environment.  Success is largely due to the experience and knowledge of the dive sites, and the philosophy of providing affordable dive packages, combined with professional service. The coast off Ponta do Ouro has been declared a Marine Protected Area, and is efficiently managed by the authorities to ensure that the coral reefs and tropical aquatic life is preserved in its original pristine state.

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