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When Murphy Strikes

“If you perceive that there are four possible ways in which something can go wrong, and circumvent these, unfortunately, when Murphy Visits, then a fifth way, unprepared for, will promptly develop”.

We, try our very best for each and every guest to ensure a pleasant and unforgettable holiday experience.

So here are a few things to please keep in mind in case  Murphy arrives:

1. No Water - The water is provided by means of a borehole, which requires firstly a consistent flow of water as well as an electrical pump. Problems can arise from both, but can be fixed. This takes time so your patience is appreciated.

2. No Electricity – EDM (Mozambique Eskom) is not reliable and will switch the Power off to do maintenance without warning. We do have a back-up Generator, which is switched on manually, so a +– 30 minute delay will apply. Please note that without electricity – there will be no water as the electrical pump needs electricity. If the generator is working, there will be water.  In some cases it will be required to switch off the geysers and Air Conditioners to allow enough supply of power to everyone. When the Electricity from EDM is off for Prolonged Times, The Generator will be Switched on from 7H00 to 10H00 in the Morning and again from 19H00 till 22H00, Please make sure that you Shower ect in these times as there will only be water available during these times!


3. Aircon not working – With all the power surges, sometimes the aircon will not work. This is probably because it needs Gas to be refilled or the PC board has blown. Please report this to Reception so it can be fixed. Please note we cannot replace an aircon after 5pm.

4. Globes Fused & other minor problems in rooms – Please report to Reception to be fixed.

5. Swimming Pool – the swimming pool water is treated with Chlorine on a daily basis, though every 2 weeks the swimming pool is drained, cleaned and refilled. This is because the wind blows sand (from the beach) into the pool and/or people rinse off their sandy feet  into the pool and the colour of the water changes. This process takes 2 day's and there is a huge Sea in the meantime to compensate your needs.

6. Problems after 5pm – can be reported at the Bar, but can only be fixed the next morning. If it is minor, then “Our Barman” will attend to it immediately.

7. Reception Closed – this only occurs after 5pm and Room Keys or inquiries can be made at the Bar.


Having read this, please remember that Murphy was an optimist. His Law even applies to itself.

At times, it too goes wrong, allowing you to accomplish something.

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