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A Budget Accommodation facility that is unlike any other you are going to encounter. In terms of accommodation, we offer Budget Accommodation with a comfortable quality. Our facility is Clean, Safe and Comfortable so you do not need to worry about having to sacrifice any of these characteristics just for affordability. For the incredibly Low Rates, you get to benefit from things such as very friendly Staff Members, a Beach Island Themed Ambience and an Aura that is hard to find in any other similar facility. 

Our Rooms offer a Very High Quality Bed the Comfort and Elements of Design that allows the mind and body to escape the pressures of today's world; we did this so that you would come back and visit more often.  Coastal Sunrises sets from your balcony and the sound of crashing waves will wash away the stress of your everyday life. Sleep better than you have in years, and awake to picturesque views, exotic air that complements the area's natural beauty

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