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Looking for the ultimate Beach Getaway? Want to find that perfect stretch of Beach and Blue Water where you can let all your cares drift away on Warm Tropical Breezes?

Budget Accommodation to suite your Pocket right on the Beach Front of Ponta do Ouro - Very Convenient Located and Walking distance from the Village and Most Activities, Markets and More!! It gives you an Island Holiday Feel - Ponta do Ouro in a very very Safe Holiday Destination!


Imagine stepping from your Private Oceanfront Resort Accommodation, to be greeted by Cloudless Skies, Sparkling Turquoise Waters and White Sandy Beaches stretching to infinity. As a guest of The Resort, this image of Paradise becomes your daily reality.


Conveniently located accommodation in Ponta do Ouro


 Ponta do Ouro is about 10 Km away from the South African Border Post (Kosi Bay) and about 130Km South of Maputo. The magic of Mozambique is seen in the smiles of the people, it lies in the beauty of the nature, and in the complete tranquillity of the atmosphere and the rustic destination of Ponta do Ouro.


The location of is also practical in terms of proximity to social amenities such as Local Shops & Village, Surfing stores, Pubs & Restaurants. When you stay at Ponta do Ouro, you will not need to struggle with logistics in order to take advantage of such facilities. WE ARE RIGHT ON THE BEACH





-26.8391784285956 Latitude


32.886369216919 Longitude

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