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Directions & Travel


Johannesburg Route:

-      Take N12 Witbank Highway.

-      Take Off ramp to Hendrina.

-      From Hendrina, drive to Ermelo. 50km

-      Once in Ermelo turn left at the Big Engen Garage/ Wimpy. (It is on the left hand side of the robot)

-      From Ermelo drive to Piet Retief on N2 – 100km.

-      From Piet Retief drive to Pongola on N2 – 100km.

-      From Pongola drive 51km to the Jozini turn-off.

-      Enjoy your drive through the mountain pass!!!

-      Before you enter Jozini , there is a speed bump

-      In Jozini the road will fork. Take the left turn to go over the dam wall.

-      Drive 38km to T Junction. Turn Right towards KwaNqwanase. (Watch out for Potholes on this road!!!)

-      Travel straight; go over traffic Circle towards KwaNgwanase.

-      Pass through Manguzi Town.

-      Drive 16km to the Kosi Bay Border Post.

-      Total distance from JHB = 670km

Note: be aware of animals and speed bumps, mainly from Jozini to the Kosi Bay Border Post!!! Watch for Speed Bump warning signs!!!


Durban Route:

-      Durban - N2 on-ramp 8km

-      Durban - Empangeni N2 169km

-      Empangeni - Mkuze N2 151km

-      Mkuzi - Jozini turnoff N2 21km

-      Jozini turnoff - Jozini 20km

-      Jozini - Manguzi (KwaNgwanase) 105km

-      Manguzi - Border 16km

-      Border - Ponto Do Oura 10km Total distance = 502km

Durban Route:

-      Durban - Empangeni – Hluluwe

-      Continue on Hluluwe road passing the Sodwana turnoff until you get a circle in the road.

-      Follow around circle to the right and continue on this road to Kosi Bay / Manguzi (KwaNgwanase).

Lebombo Border Post / Komati Poort:

-      From the Lebombo Border Post, Travel to Matola

-      From Matola, Travel to Boane

-      From Boane, Travel to Bela Vista on a newly built tar Road (Highway)

-      From Bela Vista, turn right to travel to Ponta do Ouro (also on newly built tar road - Highway)  Distance 235 km

-      You can also travel to Maputo and then take the New Bridge to Catembe and then travel to Bela Vista and then to Ponta. Best Road if using the Komati Poort Border. 


Take the Brand New Tar Road from Kosi Bay Border and then Turn Right at the 1 st Tar Road right continue all the way to Ponta do Ouro Village, at Petrol Station turn left and continue for +- 100m, Then Turn Right at the Paraiso do Ouro Sign down towards the Beach - Reception is on your Right Hand Side!!

PLEASE NOTE that we have Limited Parking available at the Resort though there is some parking available in the Village at the market!

Please just note that all other roads in Ponta do Ouro is still sand Roads from where the New High Way stop in the Village of Ponta do Ouro.

Travel Tips:


Currency Cheques and Travellers’ Cheques are not accepted anywhere in Ponta. Most places have Credit Card facilities and there is an ATM Machine in Ponta where you can withdraw Meticais.  Metical is the local currency but South African Rands and US Dollars are accepted by all in the area.

The Mozambique currency rate fluctuates, so please ensure that you are aware of this.

Please note that if you pay via your Credit/ Debit Card your bank will convert the amount to Meticais at the Bank Rate and again to ZAR as the Buying and selling Rates apply.

Fuel & Diesel:

Normal fuel & diesel is available at Ponta do Ouro.  However unleaded fuel is not available there.

It is advisable to fill up in Manguzi (SA) as sometimes Fuel & Diesel is not always available, eg Power-cuts


Ponta do Ouro is very, very low risk area but you are welcome to bring some Peaceful Sleep with. It you Travel to Maputo or North then is advised that you do take Malaria profanation medication.

Kosi  Bay Border Post:

Border Transfers:

From Kosi Bay Border Post ONLY!!!

-      Safe yourself the hassle  of driving in Mozambique from the Border to Paraiso do Ouro

-      You can park your car at a secure parking area on the South   African side of the border, where there is 24 hr security, for +-  R40.00 per vehicle per day.

-      You can drive your car to the Border post, unload your bags and drive your car to the Car Park.

-      Paraiso do Ouro offers Border Transfers @ R250 per person Return. This needs to be booked in advance.

-      Contact numbers:  +258 84 010 6196

Customs Border:

Items are permitted to be taken over the border, however the following limits apply:

•         Perfumes:  50ml perfumes

•         Pharmaceutical products:  Quantity considered reasonable for personal consumption

•         Other goods:  Up to a value of R2000 to R3000

•         120% will be charged on any items over this limit. The border authorities are aware of the prices of liquor, and hence you will not be able to negotiate the amount.

Please DO NOT DRINK on the border, as this may result in you being denied entry!

Please also note that The Resort do Ouro is an alcohol licence facility - this no own alcohol is allowed on the premises of Resort - Alcohol is available for purchase at our Bar during operating hours. Please respect this! 


Border Control:

Note: Ensure that your Passport is stamped on both sides of the Border NB NB!!!

-      The Ponta do Ouro border (Kosi Bay) is open from 8am – 5pm.

-      On arrival, first clear SA immigration, (brick building on left) and then cross over to the Mozambican side and clear immigration.

-      If you intend taking a vehicle over the border, you need to purchase a Temporary Importation Permit, (corrugated iron building on the left - obtain necessary forms before queuing.)

-      Please ensure you take your Vehicle Registration Papers with you and if you vehicle is still on HP you will need to obtain a letter from the bank giving you permission to take it over the border.

-      You will be required to pay 3rd Party Insurance of +- R 280.00 for your vehicle at the Mozambique border.

-      You will also require a Temporary Import License should you be towing a Trailer or Boat. This will cost you in the region of R80.00.   

Visas :'

-      South African Passport holders do not require a visa.  

-      All other passport holders do require visas which are available either from the Mozambique Embassy or at the border.

-      VISAS: can be obtained through your local Mozambican Embassy, but are not necessary for SA Citizens. 

-      The New Immigration Regulation dictates that as from 01 July 2015 children require UNABRIDGED BIRTH CERTIFICATES, along with their passports, when travelling outside of South Africa.  Should you be travelling with/making a reservation for children, please ensure that you apply for these certificates timeously.

Local Embassy contact details

Pretoria  (012) 343 0957              

Durban  (031) 304 0200             

Cape Town  (021) 26 2944 

Nelspruit  (013) 752 7396 

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